The acceleration of change in the way space is utilized makes mixed-use environments increasingly relevant.

While TSCG Investors has historically invested across property types, we currently see significant opportunities in the retail and mixed-use space. Today’s retail investing is about creating an optimal tenant mix that drives customer visitation, maximizes dwell time and creates an overall sense of community. This is accomplished through the repositioning of underutilized retail assets to include today’s successful retail tenants and complementary mixed-use components. Our strategy is designed to meet the needs of today’s consumers and their current lifestyles.

With a key focus on re-tenanting and remerchandising strategies, as well as introducing densification through alternative uses such as multi-family and medical office, synergies are created between a wide variety of consumer offerings. We leverage our cornerstones of vertical integration, experience and technology to de-risk each investment by reducing the number of unknowns in our decision making process. Our vertical integration, with 20 offices from Manhattan to Miami providing property management, leasing, tenant representation and data analytics, provides the underlying data for sound investment and operational decisions.

Core and Core Plus

  • Assets in supply constrained markets
  • Institutional product
  • Center suffers from neglect due to absentee and under-capitalized ownership
    • Center often requires cosmetic and physical improvements
  • Opportunity to re-tenant and /or re-merchandise in-line space and develop outparcels
  • Mark-to-market of leases

Value Add

  • May be institutional or non-institutional product at the onset
  • Center suffers from significant neglect and has a need for significant renovation and upgrade
  • Substantial re-tenanting and /or re-merchandising strategies
    • Eliminate inefficient utilized space/poor performing retailers
    • Repurpose obsolete boxes
  • Development of mixed-use components
    • Densify the site and incorporate mixed uses such as multi-family, medical office, office and distribution

Vertical Integration

Operating power and expertise

We are not an allocator. We capitalize on the deep insight and historical perspectives of a robust real estate team spanning underwriting, acquisitions, leasing, asset management and reporting business segments, to better understand broad and local market dynamics.

Our vertically integrated company, with 20 offices and over 300 professionals from Miami to Manhattan, has deep market knowledge from the following resources:

Third Party Project Leasing with over 61 million square feet in over 700 shopping centers.

Third Party Property Management encompassing over 19 million square feet of retail, office, and industrial properties.

Tenant Representation with over 560 exclusive tenant representation relationships in one or more of our markets.

Analytics & Research provides best-in-class data analytics infrastructure, dedicated data, and research department of more than 20 professionals. Commoditized big data is not synonymous with best answers. With the volume of data available, it takes experience and expertise to synthesize, sift and calibrate it to achieve optimal, well-informed output.

TSCG MD provides a data-driven approach to identify the highest and best use for outparcel and underutilized real estate for its own portfolio and third-party projects.

Advocating For Clients and Investors - An Ongoing Priority

Successful investment relationships

Close attention to client needs and keeping them fully informed is an important part of any successful investment relationship. We continuously communicate with our clients and investors and encourage their participation in the process by providing detailed property reports, quarterly and annual performance reports reviewing the status of their accounts and access to senior professionals to review portfolio performance, provide insight into investment decisions, and interpret market trends.